Tactical Gloves.
  • Tactical police cut-resistant gloves.
  • Velcro touch closure on the wrists.
  • Molded carbontek knuckles The palm, fingers and thumb are protected with water-repellent goat.
  • Cut-resistant protection on the entire back of the hand and fingers, as well as on the sides of the fingers.
Gas mask.
  • The full-face mask is a low maintenance device.
  • The unit weighs 40% less than conventional full-face respirators.
  • It is made of soft Hycar rubber and has a flexible urethane lens wrap which offers a comfortable fit with increased vision.
  • The face piece is available in three sizes and has a unique inner lip that provides a sealed tight.
  • The unit also has a talking diaphragm for clear short range communications and a nasal cup to reduce lens fogging.
  • The six-point fully elastic headgear promotes placement and removal fast.
Riot suit.
  • The riot suit is made with high impact polycarbonate panels and 10" foam. mm of high density EVA mixed with Oxford and Terylene Syntexin.
  • The vest has Micro -Net fabric throughout to ensure maximum evaporation of heat and sweat from the body. Micro -Net is a special fabric, which contributes to impact energy absorption system as well as creating an air chamber between the armor and body, keeping the body temperature as low as possible.
  • The protection of the extremities is made with high impact polycarbonate capsules and tightly stitched with PLY-3 nylon thread, over high quality EVA foam.
    10 mm thick, mixed with Oxford and Terylene Syntexin to obtain a Anti-trauma protection of the highest shock-absorbing performance. A velcro closure by means of an elastic and adjustable strap of 5 cm width assures the fast and correct position.
Protective visor NIJ III A.
  • Protection level: NIJ IIIA.
  • Projectile type: 9 mm Pb, Magnum 357, Magnum 44.
  • Maximum speed of the projectile: 420-450 m / s.
  • Protection area: 0.055 m2.
  • Thickness: 3 cm.
  • Weight: 1.1kg.
  • Functional temperature range: -45ºC to 55ºC.
Riot helmet.
  • Limited ballistic resistance in the helmet and on the screen.
  • V50 resistance 240m/s.
  • Outdoor hearing system protected against the entry of liquids.
  • Supplied with transparent 4mm thick HP polycarbonate screen. Optionally We have the VIS10, which is a smoked screen for strongly sunny places.
  • Oversized screen to allow the use of gas mask with anti-fog and anti-scratch system.
  • HP polycarbonate screen without distortion of vision and superior sealing rubber.
  • Fully adjustable and multi-size through suspension system that allows to adjust to the size of each
    user quickly and accurately.
  • Breathable and anti-bacterial treated fabrics and inner linings.
  • Ring on the back of the helmet for easy transport.
  • LLA25 hook included to hold the belt in the rest mode.
  • Level B1 fireproof neck protection according to GB/T 17591-2006, FLAME RETARDANT FABRICS standard.
  • User identification label (agent number) inside.
  • Weight of the hull when empty: 3.70 Lbs.
  • Color: Black.
Sentry XP Ballistic Helmet.
  • Medium cut, lightweight ballistic helmet made of a hybrid carbon-polyethylene compound unidirectional and woven aramid.
  • It features an Ops-Core skeleton cover for universal compatibility with most NVG assemblies, 4-position Ops-Core ARC rails and VELCRO® outer loop.
  • Compatible with in-ear communication devices for improved mission compatibility.
  • 1.60 lbs/ft2 area censorship.
  • Thickness 0.290".
  • Measures Medium, Large, X- Large, xx Large.

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